Used to retrieve information against a particular verification request.

Base URL

All requests to PhonesVerification must be submitted to the base URL. PhonesVerification provides you with an option of a response as a JSON object, or an XML string - you get to choose which response by selecting the appropriate base URL for your request.

JSON end point

XML end point

HTTP Methods

All requests are submitted through the HTTP GET method using UTF-8 encoding and URL encoded values.


All requests require your API credentials (apikey & apisecret), which you can find under "API" tab in "Settings" in PhonesVerification Dashboard.

Parameter Description
apikey Required. Your API Key. Ex: apikey=qd4cr4gd
apisecret Required. Your API Secret. Ex: apisecret=87548754
id Required. Request ID of a particular verification request . Ex: is=458521

Sample URL

JSON Response (Success)

  "Response": [
      "id": 458521,
      "PhoneNumber": "148485454545",
      "Price": 0.015,
      "Created": "2016-06-06T08:02:17.1",
      "VerificationType": "SmsNotification"
  "ErrorMessage": "",
  "Status": 0

XML Response (Success)

<PhonesVerification xmlns:i="">

JSON Response (Failure)

  "Response": null,
  "ErrorMessage": "Unable to authenticate user. Please try with valid ApiKey/ApiSecret.",
  "Status": 3

XML Response (Failure)

<PhonesVerification xmlns:i="">
    <ErrorMessage>Unable to authenticate user. Please try with valid ApiKey/ApiSecret.</ErrorMessage>
    <Response i:nil="true" />

Respond Codes

Code Meaning
0 Request is successful
1 Request has failed.
2 Parameters are missing.
3 Credentials are invalid.
4 Parameters are invalid.
5 Result has returned empty.
6 Status is invalid.
7 Keyword is invalid.
8 Command is invalid.