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PhonesVerification.com is the best phone verification service provider including two factor authentication for voice as well as sms, Phone verification services is used by many of the apps, websites and payment processors to secure their transactions from online frauds and also for leads verification, so they can make sure that the visitor that is becoming their customer is geniune and can be easily reach.

Verifing leads was not that much easier before, by using phone verification service, you can easily integrate sms verification for your customer, as well as if you choose to verify your customer by using calling method, you just need to integrate the same verification api, phone verification system provide multiple verification ways like verify customer by sending verification pin code via sms to their cell numbers, or sending verification pin code via call/voice to their phone, you can even choose like displaying the pin code to customer and ask them to punch on dialpad, we'll send a call for verification and your customer will punch after the IVR, same goes for customer verification via sms, display the pin and ask them to send verification pin to our number (that will be provided in the verification api call) to get verify, We also do provide verification call back after done with the customer or lead verification process.

Phone verification not only provide the best verification services, while also at the lowest price as possible, leading the verification / authentication services provider, our coverage is accepted globally with more than 220+ countries. Check out our prices below:


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Method 01
Send PIN / OTP

Method 02
Receive PIN / OTP on Dialpad

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Send Custom Text to Voice

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Method 01
Send PIN / OTP

Method 02
Send Custom Text

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I would like to thanks PhonesVerification team for such a hassle free service. I was using Lead verification services before, but due to bad Quality we missed our genuine customer as non-verified, while by using PhonesVerification.com cloud based service, customer contact ratio increased by 300%. Thanks PhonesVerification.


PhonesVerification made my life easier, we had hectic routine day long for verifying fraudulent transactions and sometimes we couldn’t, which led to chargebacks at the end of the day. Since using PhonesVerification system, we know that our customer is genuine. Thank you PhonesVerification.com

VP Billing Operations

Verifying our website visitor was not that much easier, by integrating PhonesVerification system, our visitors to customer ratio increase by 68.9%. If you have less contact ratio with your visitor, I advise you to use PhonesVerification.com

Jack Thompson
Director Sales & Marketing ET