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PhonesVerification.com is one of the leading phone verification services in the world featuring voice and SMS based two-factor authentication. Phone verification services are commonly used by most applications, websites and payment processers to add an additional layer to security to ensure secure lead verifications and transactions. So, you can ensure that visitors on your platform are genuine and instantly reachable.

Lead verification was a difficult task to execute in the past but with the emergence of phone verification services, you can now easily integrate SMS and voice verification for your customers. Our system provides multiple verification methods such as pin code via call/voice, pin code via SMS, or by displaying the pin code to customer and ask them to punch it in on using their dial pad. This also applies to verification via SMS using which you send the pin code to your customer and ask them to send it to our number to get verified. Furthermore, we also provide phone verification callback after the verification process.

Phonesverification.com provides the highest quality services at the lowest prices possible. Our coverage is in over 200 countries and you can check our prices below or contact us for more details.


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By Call

Method 01
Send PIN / OTP

Method 02
Receive PIN / OTP on Dialpad

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Send Custom Text to Voice

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Method 01
Send PIN / OTP

Method 02
Send Custom Text

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I would like to thank the PhonesVerification team for such a smooth and hassle free service. I had a bad experience with my previous service provider and lost some genuine leads that couldn’t get verified. However, PhonesVerification.com increased our customer engagement by nearly 300%.



PhonesVerification made my life easier. We had a tough routine verifying fraudulent transactions and sometimes we couldn’t. This led to charge-backs at the end of the day. Since we started using PhonesVerifications.com, we sleep better knowing that our customers are genuine.

VP Billing Operations

Jack Thompson

Verifying visitors on our website has been much easier since we integrated with PhonesVerification. Our customer success ratio is up to 69%. So, if you want to improve your customer success ration, we highly recommend you try out PhonesVerification.com.

Jack Thompson
Director Sales & Marketing ET